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“Mistakes are the portals of discovery” - James Joyce


Damien Parrello Editor-in-chief

Dr. Parrello received his PhD in biogeochemistry from the Lorraine University, Nancy, France. He developed a multi-way data analysis capable of producing models that describe the dynamic expression of a set of genes as the function of crossed parameters using fluorescent whole cell biosensors. He coupled the Candecomp / Parafac signal separation method and the synchronous fluorescence spectroscopy to solve the spectral overlapping issue and reveal if any, the multi-linear relationship between spectral components.

Following his PhD work, he continued to work in Dr Hu’s group, University of Missouri, Civil and Environmental Engineering department, and proposed to tag the expression of central regulatory genes (using multicolor fluorescent proteins) to monitor the dynamics of biological functions. His original approach represents a big step in the development of comprehensive methods involved in the understanding of how a cell manages its cell functions in complex environments and the modeling of emergent biological behaviors.

Dr. Parrello is also very interested in waste-to-energy research. He has developed an innovative idea to overcome the dependence of anaerobic conditions for reduction reactions and he is now testing his approach to enable efficient reduction of CO2 to profitable products.